AC10 Poratble Battery

Does anybody have an AC10?

I just purchased one for very light loads (LED lights for an outdoor tent) and was wondering if anyone has used one or not.

Thank you in advance.

I guess no one has one of these.

I’m expecting mine next week and will let you know how it works.

Well, just received it this morning.

Obviously it’s a pretty simple and straightforward setup.

Plugged my string lights in and it works well.

Will probably take it in the car when traveling as well.

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@MitchC yea I don’t personally have one but yea it looks pretty solid for smaller low draw DC appliances such as your string lights! I just went camping last weekend and used a small battery bank from Anker for a similar setup. Kinda wish @BLUETTI would come up with an upgraded model of that small AC10 with a built in solar panel on the side… it’d make the perfect pair for these type of applications!

Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for your reply

Actually, my string lights are AC, that’s why I bought the AC10 as other small batteries only offer DC.

Yes, I agree, it would be great to have a small solar panel to charge it!

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