AC200P Wireless Charging Pad

Why is it that when I put my Samsung Galaxy S9+ on the wireless charging pad that after about 15 seconds it stops charging?

I too have experienced the same problem with my wifes apple ios 8. If you find the sweet spot, hers will keep charging @9 watts. If not on the sweet spot, it starts charging @ less than 9 watts and then shuts off after about 5 or 6 seconds. I don’t have an answer for our problem , just the same experience.

Updating my last response. Wireless charging is not that impressive. Have to baby-sit constantly to make it work. On my unit the right port facing the ac200p seems to work better than the left. when I use the usb ports they seem to work fine. Just posting information

Turns out the Samsung Galaxy has charging settings for Fast Charging and Fast Wireless Charging.
When I disable Wireless Fast Charging, the charging pad works correctly on my phone.

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Good to hear you solved the problem.

Good to know Mike, thanks!

Mine was working fine and has now stopped even when I took my cover off. Any suggestions to reset?

Is your DC power turned on and selected?

I went on the internet and it was suggested that I turn my iPhone off and then on and now it’s working!!!


If you have Eco Mode enabled that may be one cause of your problem.

I’ve found that all wireless charge pads are a pain to get to work with my phone!

Mine works fine on both the AC200 and AC200P.