Battery backup w/ solar input

I would love to see a product designed for power outage use. It would be a big hit in California where we lose our power constantly due to the fires. I use the AC50s for that purpose right now but a product specifically designed for the purpose would be great. I would use the product to keep my home network working but a larger version for fridges etc would be useful to some.

Here is what I would like to see on the product:

  • A light just like the AC50s. Ideally it would turn on (toggleable) when the power goes out.
  • More power plugs
  • Allow at least 400 watts of solar
  • Automatic handling of the power switch over with no down time.

Hear, hear. But may I know the maximum weight you can take for a unit like this?

Weight isn’t really an issue because this kind of device isn’t moved much. I wouldn’t really care.

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I believe many buy these products for that reason. I bought a few for that reason.

To note it would be nice to have a grab and go 700Wh one similar to the Ecoflow R600 Pro with fast charging.

Your dreams have come true: EP500 Series - The Future Of Backup Power – Bluetti