Buying the AC charging cable for the Split Phase installation

I ordered the AC300 bundle with split phase 240 VAC for my home last month. As I was reading the AC300 manual, I see the there is a special charging cable for the split phase operation (page 6, item 14), where a single L14-30 plug is wired to two cables for the ACP1 ports of the two AC300 units. I have entered the Bluetti Power accessories page and it is not present. How do I order this cable for my system (order BLUETTII 7273)? I know that I can try to build it myself but I prefer to have your certified and authorized cable for this system.

On the same page 6, there is item 15 which is a USB-C to USB-C cable rated for 100 watts. What is the price and ordering information?

Hey @Raymondjram i would shoot an email to and ask about when/where these cables will be available. The propriety ones would probably be easier/cheaper to buy direct from them but I’m sure you can find a high quality 100w data usb-c to usb-c cable on Amazon??

They just posted an update about the shipping times for available accessories yesterday on the Facebook page. Here’s a link to the highres pdf file…

Thanks for the info. Interesting that it shows the shipping date for the T500AC adapter at the end of October and a delivery date of mid November. I ordered one yesterday and received my tracking number today saying its on the way.

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Thank you for the information. I wrote the same message to and I am waiting for the reply.

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