Capresso Model #426 5 cup mini-drip coffee maker

I had promised a report on this coffee maker once I received it, in use with the EB70. The coffee maker says Jura Inc. on the bottom, which as I recall is a pretty big name in coffee makers in Europe.

Works like a charm, pulling 535-540 watts from the EB70, to make 5 cups in about 5-7 minutes…not the fastest in the world, but great coffee, and pretty full featured for such a little device. Once it was done making the coffee, the watts drop to zero, and I then unplugged it.

The manual says it will automatically keep the coffee warm for up to two hours before auto shutoff, so I do not know whether the heater element cycles off and on to keep the pot warm.
Also has the clock function to start the brew at a set time, but again have not tested that feature.

At least I can report that it works well with the EB70, and causes no shutdowns.


Thanks for the report, I’ve been looking for a low wattage coffee maker.

Awesome! That’s great to hear! — Thanks for the report. Much appreciated!

@whmccr8 nice! Thanks again for sharing man. I’m definitely gonna check out this model.