Charging from Car Battery

Wondering if this

can charge via my suburban’s alternator while camping if necessary, and how fast it would charge it (watts/hour). I’m trying to avoid buying a 400-watt alternator and the BLuetti 400 watt charger (honestly you guys should include the 400 watt charger from now on, no point in giving your customers the older, slower chargers).

Right now I have the EB150 with it’s basic 200 watt charger. Thanks for any help.

assuming I would have to do some crazy stuff like this:

I’m not well-versed in electronics/voltage etc. So yeah just wondering if it’s possible to charge my EB150 while driving, or even just parked and idling.

You can charge your EB150 from the car socket and std. car charging at about 100 watts but you will drain your battery if the engine is shut off or idling. Depending on the vehicle and the alternator output you can do the same thing I did but definitely only while driving and parked, idling for a short time.

Read this link especially the last half to get some better ideas of the challenges involved