EB70 running my 12v fridge

Hey all. The EB70 ran my dometic cfx3 flawlessly on a long road trip that I had.

I even had a fridge malfunction on the way there - I forgot a basket for the inside which didn’t allow the proper airflow through the freezer and I think that’s what caused it not to be able to get to the desired temp I needed it to. I had to set the freezer to 6 degrees F to achieve 16 degrees and the compressor ran constantly.

I charged the EB70 via the 12v outlet that the power turned off when the van turned off.
I ran the EB70 from the 12v outlet of the EB70. My reasoning is because I never took the fridge out of the van so whenever we needed to start it - to run to the store, gas station, etc., I’d get some charge going into the bluetti.

Very convenient and very nice never losing power to the fridge as I would if I plugged them fridge directly into the vehicle.

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@Brogers0724 thanks for sharing! I’ve got a similar setup for my outback and camping setup! Absolutely love this EB70 for this use! :metal:

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That’s a great usage for the EB70 (probably serious overkill, actually) but that fridge is not losing power for a quite a while :grinning:

I have an ICECO JP30 Fridge Freezer and I tested the battery rundown time (80F ambient, 12F in freezer) as about 40-42 hours (not sure exactly when it gave up).

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