EB70 User Manual

Does anyone know where can I get a user manual. The one that came with the product is lacking. There is no instructions on how to use the wireless charger on the top. I searched Bluetti.com & Bluetti Power.com with no luck.

Thank you in advance

New EB70 User

The wireless charger operation is used simply by pressing the “DC” button on the EB70 front panel and placing the device on top of the charger. Some accessory cases may interfere with wireless charging and have to me removed in some circumstances. Your device does of course have to be capable of accepting wireless charging.

I typed “Bluetti EB70” in google and it directed me to the Bluettipower.com website and to the EB70 product which included the link to the EB70. The manual however appears to be the same as the one included with the EB70

The link for the EB70 manual is: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0536/3390/8911/files/EB70-Manual-EN.pdf?v=1619170785