EP 500/500 Pro sub-forum?

To Moderators: Could we have a EP500/500 Pro sub-forum? There was a lot of discussion resulting the pre-launch round table that Bluetti hosted. Being the most feature rich (complicated) product that the company is going to produce, I’m sure the customers would appreciate a sounding board for their questions and information that’ll benefit the whole community


FatCat, Excellent idea. We would like a EP500 forum ASAP. There are many people pledging that product. Lots to talk about. Thanks James

Excellent idea. @BLUETTI or @system could you make this happen??

Yes please on the EP500/500pro forum!
Ordered and not hearing much… would appreciate the availability to address questions and learn

@Fatcat @Putter @shawnnn99

Sorry for the delays yall! Just got put up so we can all start adding to it.


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Thanks @m.briney :muscle:t3: Hopefully I can learn from this group​:pray:t3:

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