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Hi, two issues. ONe is, that when I was ordering the EB70 online, and wanted to purchase the 200W panels that are designed to go with it, there was no way to order both together, and I was forced to order separately. Then, after ordering, i can see the panels in the order section, but no record of my order for the EB70. I did receive an email confirming i ordered the EB 70. I need both products, I was not informed that there is a waiting period to receive the EB70 and indeed there is no information on the website that confirms it’s status, or even if I ordered it. I called the one phone number, spoke to a nice man who is howver on the technical service team, and he said there is no customer service sales support phone number. Hard to order, hard to confirm a successful order, and no shipping information. I hope that the product itself is as good as advertised.

@Coetgan I didn’t know they were offering a package deal including the EB70 and the SP200 panel?? Can’t seam to find that anywhere on the bluettipower.com website either??

But I can tell you from when I purchased my AC200 along with 2 of the SP120 panels, the units were shipped separately. And showed up as different orders due to having separate shipping information. You should have received an email right after the purchase, confirming the order and providing you with an order number. I’d recommend sending an email to “service@bluettipower.com” with your order numbers and email account used when purchasing, and they should be able to assist further. I’ve had nothing but amazing and speedy responses from @BLUETTI and their customer service team via email.

Keep us updated. :metal:

I was not expecting a package deal, but I preferred to order in one order, rather than two. As they are apparently shipping from different locations, i can accept that, or rather, I have no choice but to accept that. However, the emails I received for each product confirmed the order, I have confirmed those emails. I sent an email to service, they said, "no worries, it will ship within one to two days. but EB70 has apparently not shipped, and on the orders on the website, it only shows the panels, “order fulfilled”, no order info for the EB70. I have replied to Bluetti to see if they can find out what happened to the order. Thank you for your response, Forrest

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@Coetgan excellent. It sounds like they’ve got you taken care of then.

I’ve noticed that lately, & not just specific to bluetti, but with many of my purchases from different retailers, that the shipping updates via the online tracker, have been delayed. So I’m thinking that in your case, it’ll get updated here within a day or 2.

Whats helped ease my mind too, is that I’ve gone on each specific shipping companies website, and signed up for instant notifications. They’ll shoot you a text/email as soon as things get updated in their system.

On 8 August 2021, i order AC50S Power Station with SP120 Solar Panel from www.bluetti.sg (thinking delivery from Singapore but instead was told from USA. On 17 September 2021 i only received in Malaysia the AC50S Power Station happily however sad it was not sent together with the SP120 Solar Panel. What happen to the set order? What happen to my solar panel? I already email sale-sg@bluetti.com but i still have yet to receive a reply from Bluetti-Sg. I hope Bluetti would give me a clearlist of action they plan to do on sending my solar panel.

I am unfamiliar with how shipping works with Singapore so maybe @BLUETTI can assist with this one…

But here’s a photo of all Bluetti’s contact info so I would personally start with emailing sale@bluettipower.com

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I receive a reply that they will arrange for the delivery of my Bluetti solar panel, however have yet to provide me a delivery tracking number

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