Renogy (or Rigid) Solar Panels Compatibility

Are the Renogy Solar Panels, 12v 100watt compact solar panels (Model No. RNG-100D-SS-US) compatible with the AC200P? How about the upcoming AC300?

GREAT questions. I would like to know the answers too. I have 4 200 Watt Renogy suitcase panels and will they work with AC200P and AC300

Yes they do. I have 3 100w renogy flexible panels and they work just fine.

Thanks! I thought that would be the case; just double-checking.

Your welcome. I wanted the best panels on the market in my opinion. They are expensive. One blew off the roof into the road and nothing was hurt. Still like new. A well made product.

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Question I have 4 200 watt renogy suitcase panels. I am assuming I can wire in series and charge my Bluetti AC300 and Ac200P. Is that correct?
Thank you James

I am no technical expert, but based on what I know I do not see any problem at all in your scenario.

I think I have to bypass the controller in these solar panels and wire them in series to hook up to the Bluetti AC200P or the AC 300 or the B300. I am a newby. Is that correct? Thanks

Maybe this?

100W panel example (Voc): 22.3V

X 6


So 6 panels in series 134 volts, which is less than the MAX of 150 volts of AC200P.

It looks like 2 in series is the minimum, but long runs of cable from panel to controller will lower the voltage quickly.

Please note that I have no idea what I am talking about, I have never even owned a solar panel, and I am still figuring out for myself.

Yeah. Since Bluetti’s minimum charging voltage is 16V on other models, I do not understand WHY I need at least two 18V panels in series to start charging the AC200. That’s downright cumbersome!
Does that seem only(?) a way to sell more panels? Or to enforce lessened loss in long cabling?

Well don’t switch the AC200P to CAR mode (11.5V-14.4V/23V-28.8V) from PV mode whatever you do if you want to use low voltage charging!

But if you do, tell us what happens!