Solar Panels not charging AC200P with single panel - normal?

Direct Sunlight - no clouds - 9am in mountains

I’ve tested all 3 200 Watt Bluetti Solar Panels individually - and I’m getting approx. 25V per panel (shown on the LED screen) - This is low right? Because the manual said I need between 35v and 150v. This LED screen also says I’m getting zero Input Power (Watts), meaning I can’t charge the unit on a single panel. Is this normal? Or do I need all 3 daisy-chained? Because when I do connect them together I get approx. 60v and around 420 out of 600 possible Watts input (presumably that will go up as the day progresses towards noon).

Can someone please let me know if this is normal, or if I’m doing something wrong?


Normal, you need at least 2 connected together, preferably all three. 420 watts is pretty good for 3, I typically get about 75% of the rated panel watts in good conditions.

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Oh whew - thanks! I was worried something was faulty or I was doing something wrong. Is this because separately the volts aren’t high enough?

When you connect multiple panels in series the voltages of the individual panels will add together and the available voltage will be the summ of all connected panels. In your panel situation, two panels minimum are required to meet the 35 volt volt minimum for charging to begin.

You guys are great! Thanks very much for the answers :slight_smile: