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Welcome to our community!

If you’re already an owner of BLUETTI products, feel free to share any thoughts on the products with us.

Don’t own any BLUETTI yet? Not a problem at all. The objective of this discussion forum would be to discuss anything you want to know about lithium battery power stations, solar panels, camping, van-life, or other forms of off-grid living.

Have fun!


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I’m interested in seeing if/how others are mounting their Bluetti solar panels in a semi-permanent setup. I’ve got six panels I want to mount on some kind of stand, vertically, hanging from the grommets and set at an adjustable 45° angle.

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When I get my other two, I’ll post

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Customer Service/Support - Last month I purchased an AC200P. Since then I have been extremely frustrated by the lack of response from customer service. First is “why” can’t I speak to someone on the phone? Emails only. Second, it is very hard to get any sort of response using email. On one of the few responses I did receive I was told that they are very busy and offered an apology.

I am trying very hard to simply order a backup or second AC200 adaptor + XT90- Cable as shown on the website. It has shown as “sold out” since I made my purchase. An email did come saying that I can send money to PayPal and get on a backorder list. I have repeatedly asked for an invoice that I can pay that shows my order. I can then pay by credit card (preferred) and by PayPal if required but I want an invoice showing my order. Even after “repeated” requests I am getting no, zero, nada, response. This after making a nearly $3k purchase direct with them. This is not acceptable from any company!

Is anyone having better luck than I am trying for support? What should I do to get their attention and get accurate information on product availability. It is too much to request an invoice as record of a sale before money changes hands. I’m hoping that through this forum some resolution can be done. I hope I am not violating the rules by asking for help and a response and by sharing my experience thus far with this company. Thank you.

How long does it take to process the order?

I placed my order on February 3rd and I still haven’t received an email regarding its status.

I have tried to call the following number (501) 291-3145, but I get a message as if it was not working. I have also tried to contact by email because I did not receive any reply, I sent the email 10 days ago.

I am very excited about purchasing the product and I am crazy to use it and try it. I hope to receive a prompt reply by email.

You are experiencing the same level of service that I am so frustrated by. You might want to cancel your order and look elsewhere. This level of response is not acceptable. I can’t help but wonder what they are doing and if they think this lack of response will not cause customers to start spreading the information all over the social network. If it is this hard to purchase a product I wonder how difficult it must be to get service?? Good luck!


So, I’m not the only one? :thinking:


Why can’t the AC50S be placed in direct sunlight? The answer will probably help me with placement of the unit outside.

Extreme Heat and Cold temps are a batteries enemy. Plus the screen could possibly get shot if exposed to direct sun for too long. Just like a cell phone or any other appliance really. With the ac50 you could almost just place the unit behind your solar panels for protection tho! Here’s a sample of my eb70 charging up!!

Thanks, Mike, for answering a newbie question. The picture is very helpful also.

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